The Founding 3

An overview of Prairie Tactical, Typhoon Defense and Small Arms Technologies.

3/16/20232 min read

I know there's not much here now, but we're at the beginning.

So let's get into it and give you an overview of our current lineup of products!

We're taking the 10,000 ft view of our founding 3 product lines! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and social media for updates!

Prairie Tactical

Prairie Tactical is a titanium suppressor manufacturer out of Mitchell, SD. PTACs current offerings cover calibers from rimfire to 300RUM, pistol calibers to 45 caliber and a 46 caliber unit is due for release by summer 2023. All of their products are designed and manufactured in-house in Mitchell, SD.

"Our silencers were born in the long-range hunting and shooting culture of South Dakota. It’s our mission to design and build the lightest, strongest most accurate silencers for the field or the range. Lightweight suppressors and tight concentricity tolerances help reduce point of impact shift, meaning less time dialing in your firearms. Because balance is everything. Lightweight without strength gets you nowhere in the field. Magnum cartridges and the bumps and bruises of field life can take their toll. All our silencers are magnum rated and capable of taking the hits a hunting trip or range day can throw at them."

Typhoon Defense

Typhoon Defense out of Basehor, KS is the U.S. importer for Typhoon Defence Industries in Konya, Turkey.

Typhoon AR15 pattern shotguns are consistently rated highest in class for quality and reliability. These may be the most complete firearm of any kind on the market, with each shotgun packaged with 3 5-round magazines! Optionally 2-round, 10-round and 20-round "stick" magazines are available, with a 20-round drum in the works. Compatible with Benelli-style-chokes gives even more flexibility than the 4(yes, FOUR) included chokes. There are also a whole host of accessories available for the flagship F12 model. With the advantage of the familiar AR pattern controls in a magazine fed shotgun one couldn't ask for a more versatile sporting and defense firearm.

Small Arms Technologies

Small Arms Technologies is our second offering out of Basehor, KS and also our second suppressor offering. Covering calibers from rimfire to 300WIN and pistol calibers to 45 caliber.

Small Arms Technologies is the manufacturer of suppressors using their "Cool-Core" Carbon fiber technology. These silencers might just be the best possible choice for ranges that offer suppressor rentals. The Cool-Core carbon outer helps with protecting the shooter, observers and equipment from a hot suppressor. There's always that guy that wants to touch the can after a mag dump! Grabbing a hot suppressor not an issue for you? How about not needing a separate wrap for your can. Effective sound suppression plus heat mitigation all in one package!